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Growing up with ADHD: clinical needs, assessment and psychological treatment.

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This introductory workshop is aimed at health care professionals who are currently, or who wish to, work with adolescents and adults with ADHD. For those who have previously attended training on R&R2, the workshop will serve as useful refresher.

The workshop will be held in English.

Many individuals experience a persistence of ADHD symptoms well into their adult years together with associated difficulties that lead them to experience problems in further education, employment and interpersonal relationships. Their problems affect them every day, yet in adolescence many young people disengage from clinical services. This means that health services need to think about the clinical and psychosocial needs of young people who continue to have ADHD symptoms and associated impairments and develop methods to support a smooth transition between child and adolescent services. In adolescence young people have to make important decisions that will affect their future and they are expected to increasingly take responsibility for their behaviour. ADHD does not only affect the way that they cope with different situations and tasks, but can also generate symptoms that are distressing, e.g. difficulty with mood regulation, restlessness, feelings of impatience and frustration. Medication is one approach that can reduce these symptoms but this rarely 'removes' all of the difficulties associated with ADHD. As young people develop and mature, there is a great need for the type of additional support and advice that psychological treatment can provide however, often for the first time, practitioners work directly with the young person (instead of indirectly via parents and teachers) in the (re)assessment of

ADHD and the provision of psychological interventions. With this in mind Susan Young will present a two-day interactive workshop on the following topics:

Day 1:
Transition from childhood to adulthood
Introduction to the Diagnostic Interview for ADHD in Adults (DIVA 2.0)
Introduction to psychological treatments
Individual psychological treatment using the Young Bramham Programme

Day 2:
Group psychological treatment using the R&R2 for ADHD Youths and Adults

The Young-Bramham Programme is a client-centred modular program that describes CBT treatment for ADHD symptoms (inattention and memory problems, time management, problem solving and impulsivity) and co-existing problems (social relationships, anxiety, frustration and anger, mood problems, sleep problems and substance abuse). The R&R2 for ADHD Youths and Adults: A Prosocial Competence Training Program is a manualised CBT program that is delivered in group format. 


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