Where to eat

There are numerous restaurants and cafés in Ísafjörður Municipality: 

Restaurants etc. in Isafjordur

Café, bar/pub in central Ísafjörður. Lunch menu. Wireless connection. Licensed.
Address: Adalstraeti 22, Isafjordur. Tel: (+354) 456 3022.


Hotel Isafjordur
Fully licensed restaurant in Hotel Isafjordur. Wide selection of seafood as well as other dishes.  The restaurant offers a fabulous view over the Ísafjordur harbour.
Address: Silfurtorg 2, Isafjordur. Tel: (+354) 456 3360.


A fascinating restaurant by the Isafjordur Maritime Museum. Located in one of the oldest buildings in Isafjordur. Specialises in seafood, prepared from delicious and fresh catch of the day. Licensed.
Address: Nedstikaupstadur, Isafjordur. Tel: (+354) 456 4419.

Thai Koon
Thai-restaurant in central Isafjordur Licensed.
Address: Hafnarstraeti 9-13, Isafjordur. Tel: (+354) 456 0123  


Bakarinn café offers a variety of light meals, such as soup of the day, sandwiches, pizzas, crépes, coffee, cakes and pastries.
Address: Hafnarstraeti 14, Isafjordur. Tel: (+354) 456 4770, (+354) 456 4771, fax: (+354) 456 5065

Gamla bakariid
Gamla bakariid café is one of Iceland’s most renowned bakeries, located in the very centre of Isafjordur. Variety of breads, sandwiches, cakes and pastries.
Open weekdays 07:00-18:00, Saturdays 07:00-16:00.
Tel: (+354) 456 3226, Fax: (+354) 456 5026
Address: Adalstraeti 24, Isafjordur


Fast food, pizzas, hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs etc. Groceries, video and dvd rental.
Open every day 09:00-23:30
e-mail: hamraborg@heimsnet.is
Tel: (+354) 456 3166, Fax: (+354) 456 4766
Address: Hafnarstraeti 7, Isafjordur 

Petrol station, fast food, groceries.
Address: Hafnarstraeti 21, Isafjordur. Tel.: (+354) 456 3574.


Edinborg, Bistro-bar

Bistro-bar in Edinborg (same building as the tourist information office).


Restaurant - bar in Hrannargata 2.


A drive-through kiosk which offers sandwiches, hot-dogs etc.




Restaurants etc. in Sudureyri

The Original Fishing Village welcomes you to Talisman, a new restaurant in Suðureyri with emphasis on seafood. All materials are from the Sudureyri area.  Open every day 18:00-22:00. 
Web site: http://www.fisherman.is
email: fisherman@fisherman.is
Address: Adalgata, Sudureyri . Tel: (+354) 456 6668. 


Petrol station and restaurant, groceries, fast food.
Open Monday to Saturday 12-19. 
Address: Romarstigur 10, Sudureyri. Tel: (+354) 868-3509


Restaurants etc. in Flateyri:

Coffee house and puppet museum. Open during summer, 13:00-17:00.
Address: Hafnarstraeti, Flateyri.


Petrol station, fast food.
Tel.: (+354) 456 7878. Open: Weekdays 11-19, Saturdays 11-20, Sundays 12-20.


Restaurants etc. in Thingeyri

Sandafell Guesthouse & restaurant
Course of the day, soups, sandwiches, coffee and cakes.
Open daily 10:00 - 22:00
e-mail: hotelsandafell@simnet.is
Address: Hafnarstraeti 7, Thingeyri.  Tel: (+354) 456 1600


Petrol station, fast food, groceries.
Tel.: (+354) 456 8246. Open: Weekdays 10-20, weekends 11-20.